Must Know Information Before You Plan Your Maldive Holidays

By Julius Corinthius

Many a traveler wanting a five-star luxury getaway reserve their vacation in the Maldives. It's one of the world's best exotic island destinations. It's paradise on earth while being the home to the world's best resorts. Maldives vacations are very special occasions.

The Maldives are strewn across the equator in the Indian Ocean. It's an island nation made up of nearly 1,200 small coral islands taking up only 1% of its 90,000 km2 territory. The population occupies only 185 islands, while the remaining islands are used for economic purposes such as for tourism and agriculture.

Twenty eight percent of the country's GDP is from tourism. The government's tax revenues are largely derived from imports and tourism making up about 90%. Tourism is the fastest growing sector of the Maldives economy.

The number of resorts has increased from 2 to over 100 between 1972 and the present. As of 2007, over 8.4 million tourists have visited the Maldives.

The first tourist resorts were opened in 1972 and included the Bandos Island Resort and the Kurumba Village Resort.

The Banyan Tree Resort is a luxury resort located on a secluded island called Vabbinfaru. The resort is famous for its luxurious Maldives bungalow style accommodations. The resort's name comes from a large tree which is a subgenus of tropical figs called the banyan tree.

Lhaviyano Atoll is located in the north and it's where the Kuredu Island Resort Maldives is located. This island is famous for its pristine white sand beaches complemented by thatched villas and bungalows, crystal clear water and awe inspiring views.

Maldives snorkeling and scuba diving is unparalleled and it offers some of the world's best diving locales. Snorkeling and diving can be done all year because the weather is very temperate. The Maldives average 30 degrees Celsius or 86 degrees Fahrenheit year round.

Honeymooning is very popular among newlyweds. It's for this reason, you must consider booking your reservations in advance. It never really gets uncomfortably cold so traveling in the Maldives can be enjoyed even during the winter.

Keep in mind, the Maldives is a very expensive place to visit. It's really a reserved for tourists seeking a luxury vacation. Honeymoon in Maldives islands is popular; however average people typically save for years in order to splurge on themselves. - 31859

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Complete Your Vacation By Scuba Diving in Hawaii

By Joe Ferguson

Hawaii is a beautiful island with a lot of fun things to do and some of the most popular activities include snorkeling, scuba diving, surfing, and many more. Hawaii scuba diving is very popular and something you should not miss while you are on The Big Island.

Many different companies provide scuba diving tours, and all of the have experienced instructors who are certifies. If you have never had the chance to scuba dive before, the instructors will help you with the basics, and show you how to do it right. If you have done this before and are already certified, they can still take you out to the goods spots which are for the experienced divers.

Getting your certification while you are in Hawaii is not a bad idea. Most scuba diving tour companies also offer the opportunity for you to get certified as well.

Hawaii is a perfect place to scuba dive thanks to the warm waters that surround the island. Here you will be able to see caverns, arches, and lava tubes. If you like adventure, you can look for spotted dolphins, pilot whales, pygmy killer whales and whale sharks. However, it is highly recommended to take a guide with you.

Scuba diving can be a great experience for everyone. You can also take your kids on the scuba diving tours, the instructors will make sure everybody will enjoy the tour and be safe. Make sure you don't forget your water proof camera to take pictures of the many fish.

The tours are designed for a few people in a group so that the instructor can spend more time with each guest and enjoy more of the experience. There is no doubt that you will have an unforgettable experience that will take your breath away. Scuba diving in Hawaii is something you need to do as you will see some fish and other underwater sites on this island that you won't see in other parts of the world. - 31859

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The Seiko SKX173

By Ed J Price

Many customers will commonly agree that this SKX173 Seiko dive watch is fundamentally the best classic dive watch on the market now and every bit of its features as well as qualities mix to generate a sustained effect within the mind of the dive watch user. Suppose you actually owned one of these types of timepieces then you most probably are familiar with the standard look and sense of this dive watch. If not, you may certainly be in for a pleasant surprise with this Seiko dive SKX173 due to the fact that not only does this piece of equipment take on a superb display and bezel, additionally, it utilizes an interesting automatic mechanical power that is definitely perfect for all of these kinds of watches.

Quality Features

The case of the Seiko SKX173 is much like other the cases of other Seiko watches. It contains the Seiko Wave logo, the movement number, the case number, and the serial number. The dive watch is given a neat and tidy appearance with a case that has a brushed finish on the top. The professional and clean look of the jet black face of this dive watch is similar to that of other dive watches. With this watch you will get square markers, a black bezel and black dial that have course numbers and circle markings around the edge for keeping track of the time.

Rotator and Bezel

The entire look and feel associated with the bezel and rotator of the Seiko SKX173 is most probably what lots of people really like about this watch. Actually, the rotator bezel offers you the selection of a countdown characteristic; all you got to do is turn the 0 pointer on to the minute or second hand if you wish to get this attribute started.

Most Important Feature

Another popular characteristic of the Seiko SKX173 is that it uses mechanical power. The watch does not need batteries. It uses a mechanical power that is produced when your wrist moves. In other words, you never have to replace small parts just because the battery died and the watch is always powered by your movement. Plus, with mechanical power the dive watch will stay more accurate and remain fully functional for as long as it is owned. The watch will not quit working even if you take it off for 15-20 minutes, thus allowing the watch to stay very accurate.

An obvious characteristic of the Seiko SKX173 is that it is waterproof. The fact is any avid diver will find that this dive watch is one of the best watches available today. There are many users of this watch who will argue that it is indestructible. This Seiko watch attaches to your arm with a rubber strap and a stainless steel buckle, making it able to withstand all types of conditions.

As you can see, the Seiko watch is one of the most professional diver's tools on the market today. However, you don't have to be an expert diver to appreciate this watch. The Seiko SKX173 is great for any business man or woman or other professional who has a love for watches and wants the convenience of a classic watch that will function without a battery. - 31859

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Olympus Stylus 550WP Review

By Agnes Lamont

Always dreamed of taking great pictures underwater? Then this camera is perfect for you. Thanks to waterproofing technology that has been adopted from the Olympus Stylus Tough series, this camera is perfect for those who wish to take stunning pictures of their aquatic adventures.

The Olympus Stylus has several notable highlights, including, versitile Memory- offering the ability to use either xD-Picture Card or microSD memory cards, perfect Fix-In Camera Editing- including Red eye fix and Shadow Adjustment Edit, olympus Master 2 Software- this provides the ultimate in digital imaging management, ability to Detect Water- can differentiate between water and air, can be submerged up to 10 Feet Underwater- and still take perfect pictures, digital Image Stabilization- this freezes the action with high ISO sensitivity and fast shutter speeds to help prevent blurry images, often caused by a moving subject, resulting in crystal-clear snaps, point, Dunk and Shoot camera- The Stylus can perform as well underwater as it does on land because of its slim, lightweight, aluminium exterior, which is sealed from the elements by interior rubber gaskets and O-rings and advanced Face Detection- This camera detects up to three faces within the frame and automatically focuses and optimizes exposure to capture sharp, brilliant portraits and group shots.

One of the most impressive things about the Olympus Stylus is the high quality finish it provides, completely removing the need for further editing or processing. Another great advantage is the brilliant outdoor picture quality of the Olympus. Enabled thanks to it not being affected by outdoor lighting or shadows. This all adds up to the fact that the Olympus Stylus is great value for money.

There are several different items included with the camera. These are: Olympus Master 2 software (CD-ROM), warranty card, manual, MASD-1 (microSD Adapter), Lithium-Ion Battery (LI-42B) & Charger (LI-41C), audio/video cable camera WIN/Mac USB cable and Wrist strap.

The Olympus Stylus has an optimized design with enables it to be easily carried around. Due to this design it is very resistant to wear and tear, making it a perfect gift for children.

To conclude, the Olympus Stylus 550WP camera is fantastic value for money and is perfect for those who like to take underwater pictures as well as in other locations. - 31859

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Scuba Diving Mask: How To Find a Great Mask

By Bryan R. Richardson

Taking a few moments to prepare a new scuba diving mask will help to eliminate any fogging problems. A great money-saving way to prevent fogging is simply to use a few drops of baby shampoo and smear it around the inside lens of your mask. This is a very effective, and superior method to prevent fogging than to spit in the mask, which can promote bacterial growth.

When you are purchasing scuba gear for the first time, one of the very first things you should purchase is a quality scuba diving mask. Although you can buy masks from a wide range of retailers, this is not an item you should seek to purchase as cheaply as possible. Invest the time and money necessary to find a high-quality mask that fits properly. Keep in mind that a mask made with safety glass lenses is superior to one made with plastic lenses.

Choosing the right scuba diving mask can make your diving trip a pleasurable experience rather than a miserable one. If your mask doesn't fit properly and is constantly leaking and fogging up, it has the potential to ruin a long-awaited diving trip. If you are purchasing a new mask, one way to check if it fits you properly is to slip the mask on loosely, then bend your head forward and inhale. The suction created by this manoever should be enough to keep the mask in place. If it does not, keep trying them on until you find one that fits you well.

Buying a premium scuba mask and caring for it properly will ensure the longevity of the mask. There is no point acquiring costly scuba gear but skimping on the quality of your mask. If you are constantly battling a leaking mask, your dives will be shorter and so will your temper. Remember to always inspect your mask before leaving on a diving trip. You'll find nothing more annoying than arriving at your destination only to discover that the rubber strap that holds your mask in place has rotted through.

Scuba diving masks are designed both to protect your eyes from the sting of salt water and enhance your vision underwater. Wearing prescription eye wear need not be a hindrance to diving. You can purchase dive masks with prescription lenses that allow you to take in all the underwater flora and fauna and not miss a thing. With a prescription mask, you don't have to worry about fitting a mask over your glasses.

There are some basic tips that you need to care for your scuba diving mask. You should always store your mask in its original hard plastic case, lenses down. This will keep your mask intact if it is inadvertently dropped, and help to keep it from getting scratched. As well, storing your mask in its proper case helps to keep the silcone skirt that fits around the face from deteriorating from being exposed to the sun. Often, masks come with a protective coating that should be removed prior to use. This is easily accomplished with a soft cloth and a non-gel type toothpaste. Don't use this on plastic lenses, and don't use a toothpaste that is highly abrasive. Test this on a small area of the lens before trying it on the entire lens surface. Another tip is to take the time to always rinse your mask in fresh water after diving.

A diver's two most important pieces of equipment are their scuba diving mask and swim fins. A well fitting mask won't leak or fog, and good swim fins will allow a diver to dive for longer periods without becoming fatigued. For the best in diving experiences the mask of choice is the 'goggle' type with a silicone skirt. The fins of choice should be the 'enclosed heel' type with booties for maximum comfort. - 31859

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Beginners Guide To Scuba Diving Gear

By Brett Camron

When it comes to scuba diving the most important thing is the training that you have, the next most important thing to that is the gear that you will need to have. Everything that I will cover here will be essential if you plan on making some deep dives.

Scuba diving masks let you see under the depths of the ocean water, because the deeper you go the darker it gets, and the higher pressure it gets. So when you are shopping for a scuba diving mask do not try and go the easy route and buy the cheapest one that you can find.

Bouyancy compensators air in letting the diver going up, down, or just staying neutral in the water during a dive. They also provide the tank attachment, along with diving gauges and oxygen regulators. For divers they are referred to as a BC, and they are absolutely essential when it comes to diving.

You will also need to invest in a wetsuit if you plan on scuba diving. Wets suits will provide you with warm protection from cold waters, which will come in handy when diving in deep waters. When fitting for a wet suit you must make sure that it fits on you snug for it to work like it is supposed to.

Unless you can hold your breath for a very long time a diver will need a scuba diving tank. Scuba diving tanks supply the oxygen to the regulator hose so that you can breathe under water. You can rent them from dive shops if you are certified or if you have the money you can purchase your own and get it refilled with oxygen at dive shops.

Every diver will need a pair of scuba diving flippers also so that they can swim easily through the water. The human feet alone will not provide good thrust when kicking with your legs, so this is why it is essential for a diver to be equipped with a pair of swim fins.

Diving computers will let you know a large range of data that you need to know when on a dive. Some of the things that dive computers will tell you are water temperature, depth, how much air is in the tank, a decompression meter, how fast you can safely ascent, along with many other things. Dive computers can be worn as a watch or attached to your BC.

Some other types of diving gear you will need are dive flags, ropes and reels, weight belts, underwater cameras, customized dive gauges, knives and gloves. Safety is the main concern when diving and unless you have been through some diving courses you should not attempt to dive anywhere. - 31859

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Take Up Scuba Diving On Your Next Cruise

By Edison Frerichs

One of the best ways in which to learn scuba diving is on a scuba diving cruise. But before you'll be able to begin your scuba diving cruise, there are a few basic items to consider.

1st is whether or not you can swim. If you cannot, you actually ought to plan to some lessons before you start your underwater adventuring on a scuba diving cruise. You don't must be Mark Spitz, but you ought to understand the fundamentals like treading water and duck diving before scuba diving.

You'll be able to truly receive your scuba diving certification on your scuba diving cruise. It's one amongst the rewards of your marine journey and is typically included in the price of the cruise. The certification comes from the Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI).

You will not have to worry regarding bringing dive equipment along with all of your baggage. A scuba diving cruise will have a dive locker and employees prepared to supply you the option of rental.

If you wear glasses, you would possibly need a prescription mask, that you can get from virtually any scuba search before going on your scuba diving cruise. If you have got a standard prescription, many dive shops can offer the masks as rentals. You'll be able to wear contact lenses beneath your mask. Be sure to bring back-ups.

Do not simply pack for warm weather. Your scuba diving cruise can seemingly be in a tropical ocean zone, however nights on the water can get chilly, especially after being within the water all day. Along with swimsuits and bikinis, be certain to pack a number of sweatshirts or sweaters, you will be glad you did.

Scuba diving will be a physically demanding activity. As a result of of the amount of physicality concerned, you may be required to fill out a medical questionnaire and sign a waiver. You may wish to induce an exam from your own doctor before embarking on your scuba diving cruise just to make sure that everything is okay. That approach you'll fancy your diving experience, worry free.

Be certain to select the right ship for your scuba diving cruise. Practically all cruise lines supply packages that feature scuba diving excursions, although not everybody offers coaching and certification. Princess Cruises incorporates a New Waves cruise program that provides PADI certification as a half of all of their seven day cruises. Carnival, Holland America, Disney, and Royal Caribbean all have packages with scuba shore outings. Norwegian Cruise Lines has a scuba program they call their Dive-In excursion.

There are some favored destinations for a scuba diving cruise, like the British Virgin Islands, Cozumel, Cayman Islands, Hawaii, the east coast of Florida, the Florida Keys, Bonaire, Bahamas, or Turks and Caicos. All of those locations are often serviced by a scuba diving cruise package from one or more of the cruise lines.

Thus, if you have got invariably needed to be told to scuba dive or you're just ready to leap in and acquire your feet wet, definitely one among the most fun learning experiences you could hope to possess is onboard a scuba diving cruise. - 31859

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